Import cookies

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How to import cookies



  • Import json cookies.
  • Converting base64 to json.
  • Import of datr-cookies.

  Import Json cookies  

Cookies in the Json format are the most universal and are suitable for all anti-detection browsers and extensions. If you bought accounts from us, it is very easy to find them: they start with
[{"domain":"" ... and end at the very end of the line ... ", "id": 1}]

Sometimes they may look different, but the essence is the same.


You can use any extensions for importing, let's take EditThisCookie as an example.


EditThisCookie for Google Chrome.



1. Click on extension and select IMPORT.


2. Insert cookies and click on the green checkmark.


3. Go to, update the page.


4. Done, you are logged into your account :)


  Converting Base64 to Json  


Base64 cookies can be easily converted to Json.


1. Go here.


2. Get cookie in json format.


3. Go to the part above (importing cookies in Json format).


  Import of datr-cookies  

Datr cookies are regular browser cookies that are also extended by some anti-detection browsers (for example, Accovod).
It is easier for everyone to import such cookies in the Google Chrome browser (or antidetect browsers that work on its platform) through a special extension.


Get Cookie Fb


1. Installing the extension.


2. Open the order and copy the cookies, they start with "datr=..." (inclusive). Example:

*On some accounts, cookies may look like this ":=; datr=...", copy "=;" not necessary.
**There are rarely exceptions
when cookies with =; are not complete, in this case, you can safely enter by login and password.


3. Go to, click on extension, insert cookies and click IMPORT.


4. Done, you are logged into your account :)